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Life Coach Brand Photo Session

May 23, 2021

Javanna Paten from Destny and Co. Life Coach Brand Photo Session.

This brand photo session was with the super fab and incredibly gorgeous Javanna! Javanna is the woman behind Destny and co. She is a transformative life coach. She connects with each of her clients and figures out their stuck points. As well as the blockages that are holding them back from leading their most fulfilling life. With that Javananna creates a personalized work-plan. This helps her clients take the necessary steps to creating and eventually living a fulfilling life.

The benefit of her services is providing her clients with realistic work-plans. This helps them create the life they CAN have. Javanna works with her clients on mindset and defining what a fulfilling life looks like to them. What Javanna loves most about her business is helping others create a positive narrative. In doing so this changes their lives and challenges their potential. What differentiates Javanna of Destny & Co. business from others is her passion.

She genuinely cares for her clients. She knows everyone has a story but feels that her story is the reason for her brand. Javanna genuinely desires to help others have a fulfilling life and encourage them to not settle for less.

Check out a few of my most favorite images from Javanna’s Orlando brand photo session!



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