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Teaching with Briana Beverly| Orlando Brand Photographer

April 8, 2021

Teaching with Briana Beverly Brand photo session

Rainbow colors and big smiles was what last weeks brand session with Briana was all about!!

Briana at Teaching with Briana Beverly creates digital curriculum and resources for elementary teachers to use in their classrooms. Her goal is to design resources that are engaging for kids, while challenging them at the same time. Another goal is to take something off teachers’ plates. Doing this by giving them grab and go lessons that are meaningful and useful. While buying back time for them to just be a person outside of the classroom!

Briana is a wife and mom of two little boys. A 3 year old and a 1 year old, and they keep her BUSY! She is happily married to her best friend (almost 9 years!). They have the best pup, a Border Collie named Bowden. Spending time with her family and friends is truly her favorite thing to do!!

Briana LOVES running a business from home. She was a second grade teacher and created curriculum units on the side. Then started staying home once her first son was born. She missed being in the classroom all the time. She also loved the flexibility of her job and getting to be with her boys as they grow up. Briana is happy that she is still able to be tied to the classroom, if in a different way now!

Go check her out at Teaching with Briana Beverly | Hair and makeup Makeover Station | Images by Amalie at The Branded Boss Lady



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