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Orlando Brand photographer |Photoshoot with therapist and a certified yoga teacher

March 1, 2021

Therapist and a certified yoga teacher Kandace brand photo shoot

Had an incredible brand shoot with Kandace yesterday!

Kandace is a therapist and a certified yoga teacher with a meditation certification and a prenatal yoga certification. She has built experience and knowledge to finding ways for people to find rest.

Kandace told me that she wants to provide a way for people to come back to the core and essence of who they are (hence Soul Mission). The “yoga” term is purusha which is an inner light that we are all born with. Kandace thinks everyone is born with this and over time stuff gets in the way. Through providing a safe space to speak freely, she want to give people a place they can let their burdens go, heal and come back to their core and learn skills to help them return more often on their own.

Kandace is there to help her clients find space for themselves. She want to help them find healing and overall health not just for their bodies but their minds and souls as well.

Her ideal client is ready and has a desire for some type of shift in their life. They’re tired of “sucking it up” or “dealing with it”. The focus for therapy and yoga would be people who struggle with anxiety, depression and trauma.

Kandace loves the amazing changes she has been able to see with people who are ready and motivated for change.

What makes Kandace unique is the experiences she built into her niche. She has a lot of experience with kids and adults who have experienced trauma. Adding yoga into mental health services, while not necessarily unique, is definitely lacking in the area she lives.



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