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Money with Maggie Orlando Brand Session

December 2, 2020

Money coach brand photo session

Meet Maggie of Money with Maggie. This gal is the guru of all things finical, investing and overall money management. She loves meeting with her clients and helping them tackle their financial to-do list. She gets so excited when her clients feel empowered with their money and when they gain clarity in their money goals. And when they will reach them specifically, after they run through numbers together.

She help clients that are invested learn what they have and how to find fees they already pay unknowingly. Also teaching them how to invest in the stock market.

Maggie helps her clients by asking them to track their spending. Then we review that along with their goals to figure out where the money will come from to reach those goals.

Maggie can help her clients open up and face their finances with courage. The experience is chill- the said she can totally relate to what her clients go through because she has been there.

Her ideal client is in their mid-30s with their high-interest debt paid off. They have an emergency fund saved up and money in the bank just sitting around. Her clients want to invest but have been too nervous/intimidated/fearful/etc to start. They are driven to be the best they can be, knowledge seekers, and have great hearts. Pain points for them are feeling like they are missing out on investing because they keep delaying getting started.

Maggie’s brand colors are deep blue/teal/green and a blush pink, gold, mustard. You can find Maggie here on her Facebook | Instagram | Website |YouTube channel



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