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Kerri-Anne Brown mental health counselor brand session

November 4, 2020

Orlando Mental Health Counselor Brand Photo Session

Kerri Anne is a licensed mental health counselor that work with her clients through pregnancy and infant loss. She is the founder of Healing with Wisdom.

She provides psychotherapy for reproductive trauma.  Where she helps to support partners who are grieving the loss of a pregnancy within a supportive environment.

If your path to parenthood has taken a painful and unexpected detour, she will help guide you through. Kerri helps women and couples who have suffered with infertility. As well as perinatal loss, birth trauma and difficulties adjusting in the postpartum period.

Kerri Anne also helps with coping with the multitude of losses and stressors that may arise when experiencing reproductive health challenges. Grieving and mourning their losses, wanting to find meaning in loss and strengthen their relationships and marriages.

And she works with her clients through feelings of anxiety, depression, and grief. Alongside feelings of joy that often comes with pregnancy after loss while preparing for motherhood.


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