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Skin Salvation Product shoot

October 7, 2020

Carolyn from Skin Salvation Product shoot. Got to work with this beauty again this week and it is always an amazing time and you better believe ever so stylish too! Carolyn created her very own luxury skin care line called Skin Salvation by Carolyn.

In this line she has a vitamin C skin brightening serum, brightening defying pads, concentrated retinol serum and a green tea antioxidant mist. For the Skin Salvation Product shoot I used ingredients to style the ingredients that are found in the products.

EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE GREAT SKIN: without going to costly Dermatology appointments!

Carolyn will look at you as the source of healthy skin. Inspired by nature and non-genetic influences such as nutrition and lifestyle as ways to improve the skin. Carolyn wants to empower an individual’s own processes and functionality to create beautiful skin inside and out. You can accomplish this with prescription strength products.

Love seeing my boss lady friends doing big things!!


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