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How to create the perfect Instagram Bio | Orlando Brand Photographer

August 19, 2020

Let’s chat about Instagram bio profiles. I may look at a lot of them when scrolling through Instagram. LOL! Some I am blown away by and some I am left completely baffled! I wanted to share a few tips on how to create the perfect Instagram bio profile. Let’s get started and maximize your Instagram real estate!

Create the perfect Instagram Bio in these 6 steps!

First up we have the ACCOUNT NAME. Set name as the city or state you are in and then the profession you are in. Example mine says Orlando Brand Photographer. 

Next up is the USERNAME. This is best set as your business name. Mine is my business name The Branded Boss Lady. 

Third is the WEBSITE LINK. A ton of people use Linktree but honestly I am not a fan of 3rd party links. The biggest reason is that can be totally gone in one day. Not sure if anyone remembers that happening in early 2019 and it was CHAOS!!  I suggest building a custom landing page. This way it can be personalized and branded to you and your business. Check out my profile..wink wink. 

Fourth up is your BIO. Make this short and sweet and to the point. What you do and who you serve, tagline or how you help your clients. We all know 150 words or less is great! Try using character count  to count your characters. Using CharacterCount.com will help so you don’t get frustrated trying to build it within instagram.

The fifth step is A BRAND HASHTAG. Something that is branded specific to you and your city that is searchable. Like #Houstonrealestateagent #Orlandohairstylist #AustinInteriordesigner 

Last but not least the sixth step is EMOJI’S. Keep it to a minimum, remember this valuable real estate space. Maybe use one or two that is relevant to you. 

With all that being said here is my bio which includes one emoji and my searchable brand hashtag.  Amalie🍊Brand photog+stylist+biz coach
I help female business owners be the face of their brand & connect their brand tribe! #Orlandobrandphotographer

Examples of great Instagram Bio’s

Below are a few accounts I found that I love. They all have a clear description of who they are what they do, who they serve or a call to action.

Want some gorgeous images to go in your Instagram Bio? If you are ready to book your session feel free shoot me an email (Amalie@AmalieOrrangePhotography.com) anytime with questions or to book a free consultation call. Or, book your session now HERE



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