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What to wear to your brand photo shoot | Orlando Brand photographer

July 22, 2020

How to pick great outfits for your brand photo shoot!

I don’t know what to wear… This is a statement I hear more than anything on our discovery call. So let’s chat about how to pick outfits and accessories for your brand session! 

The first question I ask when talking outfits and accessories is, what are your brand colors? This is important because you want the color story of your brand to carry through all of your social sites and website.

Do I need to wear certain colors? 

  • Find a top or blazer with touches of your brand color in it. 
  • Pick accessories to compliment those colors or to match brand colors.

Here are a few of my most favorite client outfit picks. TONS of colors and great choices with accessories too!

Can I wear patterns?

  • Patterns are amazing, they add visual interest and are fun to mix in. I love bright color prints and the bigger the print the better. The only print I say to shy away from is a small stipe or checked print.

Here are some of my clients great pattern picks! Of course I love Brittany’s leopard print!

Do I have to buy all new clothes? Heck no, use what you have or add in a few new pieces. Rent the runway is also always a great option too! 

  • Choose clothes that are comfortable and your fell great in. If you feel great, you look great!
  • Chose something that you would wear to meet your clients in.

With all of my clients I have a dedicated client hub with tons of tips on what to wear, show inspiration, how to prep for your brand shoot and more!  Check out my Pinterest board here for some of my favorite outfit inspiration.


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