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What to wear for your branding photo session | Orlando branding photographer

September 26, 2019

Color theory | How to choose the right color wardrobe for your branding session

I get asked what to wear all the time by my clients and honestly it is one of my favorite things to chat about for their pre- session call! Below are my top six tips on what to wear for your branding photo session. And I have included a download guide on color theory that I just made for my clients, it is super cool!

1. Is what I am wearing a representation of who I am or my business? Ask yourself, if a client saw me in this outfit, would they recognize me? Would they want to work with me and do they think I look put together? Hopefully this is a BIG YES!

2. If your brand colors can work into an outfit, is it important to do so? Will you want to use your images for your branding and how will they pair with your message? Branding colors are always great to work into wardrobe any accessories, this helps tie in a cohesive look on your social media platforms as well as website.

3. Is your message polished, casual, fun, approachable and professional? Consider some buzzwords that are important for you to convey visually.

4. Is there texture and depth to my outfit choice? Do I stand out or provide intrigue or am I hiding in this outfit? Textured elements such a denim, tulle, leather or chunky sweaters add a great visual appeal, as do mixing in textures with accessories such as gold, silver or rose gold if used in your branding colors.

5. When you put your photo shoot outfit on ask yourself. Am I comfortable and confident with how I feel in this? If you are uncomfortable or second-guessing your choice, that will show in your photos and take away from the fabulous boss lady that you are!

6. Solid colors and subtle prints work best. Usually big bold prints and small stripes do not photograph well. Speaking of colors did you know that color has a powerful subconscious effect on every part of our lives, without even saying a word; an understanding of color meanings in business gives us an invaluable tool to get the best response to your marketing and promotional efforts.

I have an amazing guide that I created here for choosing the right color for your brand session.



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