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Ways to avoid SPAM or junk filters when sending emails | Email spam trigger words

September 8, 2019

Ways to avoid SPAM or junk filters when sending emails

If you are like me you send emails to your clients to stay connected…come on it is almost 2020 and we have to be in control of what our potential clients sees. I am a big believer in NOT relying on social media to do that for us. That is working on borrowed real estate. This past year I have started to dive into email marketing for my past and potential clients. I have seen some amazing results!

One thing that I have seen over and over again in email groups and even emails that I receive is that they end up in the SPAM folder…yikes! So I have put together a few tips on how to get your emails delivered and seen! This should help you rise above the average sender’s open rates. Below are five reasons why emails get marked as spam, and how to fix each one. Easy peasy!

I also started using an email platform to help make my emails easier to make and look so much prettier. Hello I am in the business of branded imagery so this is super important to me! Check out Flodesk if you want to see what I use!

Number one reason. Your subject line contains trigger words. A trigger subject is something like “Here is that freebie you signed up for” or “Get ready to make big money”. Both of these contain trigger words, freebie and money. Below I have made a list of trigger words in alphabetical order so that you can keep this as a saved image on your computer to help when writing email subject lines.

Email spam trigger words

The second reason, you use ALL CAPS. I know you are excited but try to avoid using all caps, this reads as if it came from an automated system. That one is an easy fix, right?

The third reason is super simple too and this is one I have a big problem trying to avoid. You guessed it… my favorite, the exclamation point!!!  Don’t use them no matter how excited you are to send off that email. Trust me friend I am going to go threw withdraws too!!!

The fourth reason is sending an email with an attachment to someone who’s expecting to hear from you. Like someone in your contacts is okay to do so.  I’m sure you’ve done it plenty of times without a hitch. But, sending an email to someone with an attachment to a new, cold contact that causes an issue. True spam emails often contain destructive attachments, so spam filters supervise (and remove) emails with attachments. And again the great thing about my email system (Flodesk) is that you can have attachments that your email list can see but they are embedded in your beautiful email. wahooo!

The fifth and final reason is your email has different colored fonts and or styles. We all love a great pop of color and to jazz up our visuals but think twice about this one. Email spam filters look for variations of colors and font styles as a first flag for removal.

And there you have it..simple right? Happy emailing!







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