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Livwell coaching photography branding session | Client spotlight | Orlando Brand Photographer

September 9, 2019

Shannon Rollins of Livwell coaching photography branding session

photography branding sessionI wanted to start a client spotlight for a way to connect my past and future clients to one another. And the world for that matter. I truly get to work with some phenomenal women that are in all sorts of professions from life and health coaching, dietitians and nutritional coaches, web designers, authors and artists, I mean how cool is is that? In talking with them I really get to know all of these amazing women.  Hear about what they do in the professions, the struggles and triumphs they have had in building their business and have built some great friendships.

I always love to keep in touch after our sessions and to see what mountains these ladies are moving in their professional lives. We have become each others  online cheerleaders and have actually connected each other to other outstanding and inspiring boss ladies! Hoping to do this on a monthly basis and introduce you to some awe inspiring ladies. You can see more from Shannon’s session here 

I had the most amazing time with Shannon from LivWell Paige Life Coaching at her branding photo session. Shannon is brimming with joy and you can tell she completely loves what she does and adores her clients. You can see more  from Shannon’s sessions here.

Tell me what do you do and introduce yourself! I am Shannon from LivWell life coaching, I help women develop a mindset of confidence so they can feel empowered to reach their personal health goals.

What is your “why” and what made you start your business?

I have worked in wellness for about 10 years.  And, found that there is much more to being healthy than exercise and what we put in our bodies. It all starts with the mind. I want to help people find and adopt healthy and happy ways of living through a continual build of self-esteem, and self respect towards their mind, body, and soul.

Name your greatest success or something you’re most proud of in your business experiences? I just launched my business about a month ago. I am extremely excited about crafting my own wellness program, which will be available by October.

Where do you find inspiration for your business?

I find inspiration through books from people in my line of work. My best ideas come when I am running listening to my favorite audiobooks or podcasts. My favorite audiobook at the time is Jen Sincero book series ” You are a Badass”

If you could go back and talk to yourself when you were first starting out in business what advice would you give yourself? Don’t try to do everything at once. Focus on perfecting one part of your business at the time and hire experts to do the things that you aren’t good at (like web design and blog editing!)

What does success mean to you in business and personal life? Success in my business and personal life go hand in hand. I want to help women achieve their goals and have balance in my personal life. Balance and happiness mean having time to spend with my loved once and feeling fulfilled with my life all the time.

Has learning from a mistake ever led you to success?

I used to be terrible at public speaking when I was in college.  To the point where my teamwork groups asked if I wouldn’t speak in front of the class. I would shake uncontrollably and my face would be bright red. I received feedback from people willing to help me and over time I finally gained the confidence level I needed to speak in front of crowds. Now it’s my favorite thing to do!

What quote or saying inspires and motivates you to be yourself and do what you love? The ultimate failure is doing nothing about your goals.

What was your experience with Amalie like and how has branding photography and content creation been helpful in your business? Working with Amalie has really allowed me to be confident in my online presence with my new brand. Amalie helped me pick colors and looks that portray my brand the best and provide a streamlined, clean look across all my platforms.

You can find Shannon here on FACEBOOK | WEBSITE | INSTAGRAM 



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