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Dressing the part | Style tips that support you and your brand| Branded Boss Lady

September 7, 2016

Dressing the Part: Style Tips that Support You and Your Brand

I had my amazing style savvy gal pal Leah from Leah Lou Style share some helpful tips on choosing outfits and accessories for your Branded Boss Lady session. I have worked with Leah many times over,  love her, love her awesome energy and the passion of what she does. A BIG thank you to Leah for sharing these amazing tips with all the #BOSSLADIES!!

XO ~Amalie

Consider Dressing in Your Brand Colors: 

Creates cohesion in your web-presence

Subconsciously supports brand-recognition in your audienceOrlando commercial brand photographer

Build Your Outfit Around What You Would Normally Wear for the Job or in Front of the Client

Supports the full story of your craft, your business, your identity

Establishes comfortability with your audience and future clients; aka the same “you” they see on your website and brand images, should be the same you they will meet for a consultation, service, or meet-up

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Accessorize: Utilize Props and Visual Elements to Showcase Your Work and Enforce What it is That You “Do”

Tells a fully-developed story to your audience about how you create or what you provide. If you’re an artist whose medium is paint then showcase and style jars of brushes, canvases, stacks of paint tubes, to give your audience an idea of how you create. If you’re a wedding planner, then style some desk elements that show how you work with color, vendors, venues, etc.

No one knows your brand better than you. What elements are important to share your message and how can they help you connect to your audience?

Accessories add layers and details to the story of your outfit. For product shots that involve your hands, bracelets and rings add dimension. For headshots, a necklace or textured earring will draw people to your face and features.

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Comfort and Confidence is Paramount

When you are comfortable in what you are wearing (the clothes are not fussy or ill-fitting) and you are wearing what you love, you will exude confidence and your photos will reflect that glow. With images that capture you in this light, the message of who the woman behind the brand is will be clear, relatable, and tell a powerful story about your business.

You are beautiful. You have a gift and a presence that you bring to the world, in a way that no one else can. Stand on the creative power of you, your brand, your craft, and your service.

Leah Lou Style empowers driven and fun-loving women to connect to their creativity and develop a style that is as unique and whole as they are. You can read more about her services and ethos at www.leahloustyle.com

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  1. Yes! This is so good — I love wearing what you’d wear in front of your client. It makes me want to dress better IRL too. Haha!

  2. Vanessa Smith says:

    This is a great post! 🙂 Very helpful

  3. Oh my, all these outfits are absolutely fabulous !!! <3

  4. So much fun and stylish!

  5. Sarah Marie says:

    Great overall tips. I love that clients can spot me easier because they have done their research on my blog about me photos.

  6. These pictures are so fun! Great advice!

  7. Really great tips and impeccable styling! Bravo!

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