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How to photograph the wedding ring on the wedding day | Orlando wedding photographer

June 29, 2015

How I photograph diamond rings and pretty things

I love photographing details and one of the most important details of the day is the engagement ring. I would love to share some of my tips on how I photograph the ring and brides jewelry.

In the beginning of my career I thought that shooting wide open on everything was the best idea but, when it comes to jewelry the littlest movement can cause motion blur. Now I shoot all of my jewelry and smaller details at a 5.6 or greater aperture. Once you get this method down it makes it so much easier and you get crisp beautiful ring and jewelry shots all the time!

I use a 100mm 2.8 macro L series lens from Canon. I typically shoot my rings at a 5.6 or greater aperture.  I use all natural light because this is my favorite look for my images to look cohesive. I also shoot all rings and small details in the live view mode on my camera, this way I have a bit more control on where the focus is going to be and I zoom it in times 5 so I can see the exact focus point. I focus on the prong closest to me and the diamond, this way I get the entire diamond in focus.  I usually take a deep breath in then exhale and push the shutter, this helps lessen the movement in camera.  I do a little sharpening in post on the diamond and the prongs only and sometime bring down any yellow highlights just to give the diamond a bit more clarity.

 I like to incorporate things from the wedding to tie into the ring shot, for example the wedding invitation, brides shoes, flowers or the bridesmaids dress as a subtle backdrop. This is always a great addition to the album and who wouldn’t want to see their ring larger than life? A few more tips…We always tell our brides to make sure their ring is cleaned before the wedding so it will be as sparkly as it can be. Also, I bring dental wax with me, this helps me stand up a ring if needed for a little bit of a different shot and it leaves no residue on the ring. 

Best of luck and please feel free to ask any questions!


Wedding ring diamond

Orlando wedding photographer ringsHere is an example of a ring that I positioned with dental wax so that it stood up. How to photograph wedding ringsLove incorporating the brides jewelry or perfume.orlando-wedding-photography-20(pp_w725_h559)-2Tying the ring into the invitation detailsHow to photograph wedding ringI had to put Kristen’s gorgeous ring with those equally amazing Badgley Mischka’s!Kristens rings

With this ring below I actually had it backlit from the window and put it on top of the guest book in the hotel room. I love the rainbow flare in this shot.  Orlando wedding photographer rings 2How to photograph a wedding ring

diamond ring and wedding invitationHow to photograph a wedding ring

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