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Paris | Life is an adventure | Wedding photographer

August 22, 2014

Paris | Life is an adventure | Wedding photographer

This was one of the most amazing adventures I have ever been on, I will look back and remember it with such joy for the rest of my life. My friend Sara and I decided to go to Paris with no plans except a place to stay, we had no expectations, no schedule and it was simply amazing! Our first day started across the street  from our hotel with coffee and croissants.

We arrived at 10 AM that morning and decided we would go to our hotel take a shower and walk the streets of Paris for the rest of the day.  We walked through random neighborhoods and alleys and stubbled across a hidden garden with lavender and the most beautiful trellis filled with grapes and of course we ate some.  We then went to the Pont des Arts lock bridge then walked to the Louvre. We stopped for dinner after about 7 hours of walking we had the best quiche bought a bottle of wine and walked to the Eiffel Tower and watch the it sparkle and enjoyed our wine.

Day two we walked to the Marche aux Puces de la Porte de Vanves which was the most amazing little flea market, I bought a cute metal tin for 10 Euros.  We then went to the grocery and bought a ton of macaroons then found our way to the Plaza de Visage and came upon an amazing string orchestra playing, only in Paris!  We walked to Notre Dame Cathedral then went to the restaurant from the movie Amelie called Deux Moulins, I had the most delicious dinner,  a puff pastry filled with veggies and French onion soup, I have to say that was my favorite dinner in Paris.

Day three we woke up and started about 10 am, I had chocolate soufflé for breakfast and it was to die for! We walked to the Luxembourg gardens and wandered around, relaxed in the garden and watched the kids play with toy boats in the fountain, I know my kids would have absolutely loved it. We then walked to the Champs De Les, I am not a fan, it was so touristy and felt like Times Square. We bought a bottle of wine headed back to our hotel and called it a night.

Day four started a little late due to drinking a bit too much wine the night before 🙂 We got up and out and headed over to the Jardin de Tulleries, I think Sara and I could have sat in the garden for hours and watched people walk by. We bought a raspberry sorbet, rode the Ferris wheel and ate some pommel frites (french fires) at a little cafe  nearby. We went back to our neighborhood of St. Germain to eat at Le Duex Maggots, a fancy little cafe where Hemingway used to hang out back in the day, quite good food. I had stemmed vegetable and potatoes and Sara had a cheese plate.

Day five, our final day in Paris we woke up early and headed to Chateau Versailles, the name is deceiving it is no chateau,  it is a gigantic palace even bigger gardens. Everything was covered in gold, statues everywhere and the biggest fountains that you ever did see. It was so beautiful and grand and my favorite garden was of course the Orangerie which smelled divine since all of the citrus trees were blooming . We ended our day with a trip to the top of the Eiffel tower to see the most amazing views of Paris.

Quite a trip I must say, a total dream come true. Paris stole my heart from the beautiful gardens, the pastries, the city,  all of it was magical.

Until we meet again Paris!


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  1. Sara D'Haeseleer Martin says:

    So in love with all of this!

  2. Amanda Burkhalter says:

    So beautiful!! I am so envious!! Will we have to see Sara’s blog post to see all of the pics of you? 😉

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