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Erica and Chris | Citrus Club | St. James Cathedral | Orlando wedding

July 9, 2014

Erica and Chris | Citrus Club | St. James Cathedral | Orlando wedding

I loved Erica and Chris’ wedding,  it was beautiful, glamorous, glittery and most of all fun. These two made us feel like family, they trusted us and our vision and best of all we have become their friends. We met Erica and Chris from Kayla and Chad when we photographed their wedding the year before. Erica and Chris are so in love, so sweet with each other and all around awesome.

How did you and Chris meet?  We were just two college kids going to a happy hour with our friends at The Knight Library bar near campus (UCF). It all started when I walked into the bar to meet up with some other friends who were accompanied by another boy who I did not recognize. His blonde hair and blue eyes coupled with the fact he was wearing boat shoes, had really drawn my attention. He immediately introduced himself, politely, as a gentlemen would and invited me to play a game of flip-cup (somehow those normally don’t go hand-in-hand). From there on, the rest is history…

How did Chris propose? I was completely surprised by Chris’ proposal. To set the scene, he is a die hard UCF fan and we had a home football game vs Southern Methodist University on Saturday, November 3rd. It was Chris’ birthday and I decided to throw him a tailgate party and have our friends and family attend his birthday celebration before the game. Normally Chris is shotgunning beers with friends and enjoying himself a little too much, but this day felt a little different. As lunch was consumed and we were about to cut the “supposed” birthday cake, Chris began to thank everyone for coming out and enjoying the day with him. An unusual turn of events happened next. Chris grabbed my hand and had me come cut the cake with him. As my eyes focused in, I could see “Will You Marry Me?” transcribed on top of the chocolate icing. Before I could acknowledge what was happening, Chris went down on one knee, glared into my eyes and told me that all he wanted for his birthday was me. Before I could collect my breath and the couple skips of my heartbeat, I couldn’t help but give him a fat kiss before I said yes!

Tell us about your wedding design, it was amazeballs!!! I have been dreaming of my wedding since a little girl. With the help of my wonderful wedding planner, Kristen Johnson with An Affair To Remember, we were able to put my vision into reality. With my vision set forth, it all came to the forefront when Kristen showed me a sample of gold sequin linen’s. From there we sat down and drew out my equation to building the dream wedding I always wanted; think of trendy, yet classy with a touch of southern charm. Stemming off my vision, I would refer back to the gold sequin linens as my favorite design element. Not only were they a great talking point for the wedding reception, but they had fit perfectly with our venue (The Citrus Club). Every part of our reception had a detail; from the gold animal place settings defining the guests meal, to the vintage framed mirrors displaying our cocktail list. We even included a ‘pawty favor’ dog treat, which was a special homemade recipe from our pup, Dailey. We tried to create an ambience that included a special touch everywhere you looked.  Gold spray paint was our best friend over the past 18 months. In addition to previously mentioned items, we also made our table numbers, bathroom signs, introduction banner and confetti toss bags too.

What was your favorite part of your wedding day? The entire day was memorable; it is hard to chose just one! I still replay our wedding each day in my head. Besides our actual wedding ceremony at St. James Cathedral, seeing our reception venue for the first time was absolutely breathtaking. The culmination of efforts between Kristen, our vendors and us, blew away my expectations. An added element, which I kept secretive for the prior 8 months, was inviting a surprise guest to our reception. With Christopher being a huge UCF fan, our college mascot, Knightro, made his appearance by catching the garter toss, which was a huge surprise once Chris turned around.

We are also thrilled and honored to have this drop dead gorgeous wedding featured in Style Me Pretty next week!!

Featured on Style me pretty Amalie Orrange photography

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Assistant Photographer : Jessica Connery  Jr. Bridesmaids Dresses : Nordstrom Bridesmaids Dresses: Nordstrom Flower Girl Dress: 1583 Designs

 Brides Dress Designer: James Clifford Dance Floor Wrap: Thats A Wrap Hair And Makeup : J. Baum Salon
Brides Gown : The Collection Bridal Chevron Linens : La Tavola Linens: Nuage Designs Transportation : The Jolly Trolly
Dishes And Flatware : Dishie Rentals Furniture Rental : A Chair Affair Photo Booth : Amalie Orrange Photography Lighting : Get Lit
Floral Design: Atmosphere Floral & Decor Band : The Leonard Brothers Cake : The Sugar Suite Videographer : Imprint Cinema Planner And Designer : An Affair To Remember
  1. Karen Bair Glisson says:

    Fabulous!! It was such a beautiful wedding and reception.

  2. […] Chris and Erica’s swoon-worthy, gorgeous glittery wedding is featured today on Style Me Pretty!! So very excited for this one  🙂  See the feature here and see their entire wedding blog here. […]

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