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Amalie Orrange Photography | 2013 Wedding Image Contest | Best of 2013

December 13, 2013

Wow, like I said last year I can hardly believe where this amazing career has taken us in just two short years!  We have had such an wonderful year meeting new friends, reconnecting with our past couples and creating so many memories with our couples that have put their trust in us and we are so appreciative for that.  Our clients are what built this business and we owe everything to them, so THANK YOU!  We appreciate the friends that we have in this industry that have guided us and listened to us along the way  and  have helped us grow personally and professionally,  and most of all that have been there for us as friends.

 So for our two year anniversary we wanted to do something for our amazing couples and you can celebrate with them.  Yes, you win and they win, how sweet is that? We have never had a contest and thought this would be a fun way to share our favorite images from 2013 and give our fabulous couples a little treat too.  Read the “how to win section” and vote away.

Good luck! XO~ Amalie & Jeff

How to win:

Step -1 SHARE: Share our post with your Facebook friends and family on Facebook by pressing the share button on our Facebook post.  Also post a link to our blog so they can see what images they vote on.

Step 2- FIND YOUR image: Find the image number below of the couple you would like to vote for.  You will need to submit your vote by using the mage number or the couples name. ( Ex: Ellen & John or Image # 14)

Step 3 -VOTE: Submit your vote by using the image number or the couples name. ( Ex: Ellen & John or Image # 14) specific to this contest. Add into the comment section of this post on Facebook.

Step 4- “LIKE” US: In addition to submitting your vote by writing their number/names, you must “LIKE” Amalie Orrange Photography on Facebook.

The rules:

You are allowed ONE entry per day so don’t forget to add a comment daily to our FACEBOOK post.

The more you vote the better your chances, so do it daily.

Any additional daily entries will not be valid.

The winner will be selected based on the number of votes in total.

Winner will be contacted via Facebook by Amalie and must submit their image no later than January 15th 2014.

The winning couple will be contacted by Amalie via email.

Images received later will be void and winner will not eligible for the prize.

Prize will then be given to the second place winner.

The goods:

The prize is a 16×24 gallery canvas of YOUR favorite personal image and to top it off the winning 2013 couple will also win a 16×24 gallery canvas of their favorite image  from their wedding day.

You send us the file we will get it printed and deliver to you!

The winner will be chosen on January 3rd 2014.


Bride and groom sitting on church stepsIMAGE  2 – KRISTEN & ANDREWbride and groom in field IMAGE  3- BRIANNA & DANNY
Wedding Heathrow country clubIMAGE  4 – NICK & ABBYWinter Park Wedding PhotographerIMAGE 5- KORI & JOSHwedding birdsong barnImage 6 – BRITTANY & BRADranch wedding floridaIMAGE 7- JAMIE & JOSHCross Creek Ranch WeddingIMAGE 8- MARISSA & LOUWedding at Casa Monica St. AugustineIMAGE 9 – MONICA & ALBERTmission inn weddingIMAGE 10- HALEY & TAYLORCasa feliz weddingIMAGE 11- ANA & MAXWedding in cocoa beach floridaIMAGE 12 – LINDSAY & ANDREWGRAND BOHEMIAN WEDDINGIMAGE 13- JENNIFER & STEVECasa Feliz weddingIMAGE 14- ELLEN & JOHNWinter Park Farmers market weddingIMAGE 15- LEAH & MATTCYPRESS GROVE ESTATE WEDINGIMAGE 16- AMANDA & MITCHOrlando wedding photographerIMAGE 17- KAYLN & WILLIAMWEDDING WINDSOR VERO BEACHIMAGE 18- LAURIN & KATIECYPRESS GROVE ESTATE HOUSE WEDDING

Now go to our Facebook page and cast your vote under the comments section of this post tagged at the top of our page!!



  1. Janet Carlson says:

    Brittany and Brad!

  2. Brenda Rigdon says:

    Ana and Max!!!

  3. Brenda says:

    Ana and Max!!!

  4. Lori Delk says:

    # Love pic number 1 – Kayla and Chad.

  5. Jenifer Breaux Werfel says:

    Monica and Albert

  6. PAtricia DOebler says:

    Ana and Max!!!!!

  7. joelle says:

    Ana & Max!

  8. David Gween says:


  9. Carlos Rios says:

    Leah and Matt

  10. Bonnie Thompson Higgins says:

    Ana and Max

  11. Allison says:

    Pic #1 – Chad & Kayla

  12. Angus Mac Farlane says:

    Ellen and John

  13. Jennifer Wliams says:

    My vote is for Chad & Kayla <3

  14. StuartnJenn Williams says:

    Chad & Kayla

  15. Shana Reffit says:

    Kayla and Chad’s Wedding photo!!

  16. Leni Zorn says:

    #15 Leah & Matt

  17. Stacey Ann Justus-Council says:

    Chad and Kayla

  18. Allison Pittman Howard says:

    Chad & Kayla please!

  19. Kelly smith says:

    My vote is for Kayla and Chad!! <3

  20. Christine Marsh says:

    Ellen & John

  21. shana says:

    Chad & Kayla

  22. Danielle says:

    Ellen and John! 14

  23. Rebecca Carmona says:

    #8 ALL the WAY ❤️ Marissa N Lou!!!

  24. Patty Hosch says:

    Haley and Taylor!

  25. Aimee Kincaid says:

    Ellen and John image 14

  26. Tiffany Ferraiuolo says:

    Ellen and John

  27. Kelly Sprague says:

    Kayla and Chad!!

  28. Mary Virginia Schaffer says:

    Chad and Kayla.

  29. Laura Bethea McCall says:

    Chad and Kayla Image #1

  30. Lisa Davis Leatherwood says:

    Kristen & Andrew

  31. Marysia Rojas Vurro says:

    Kristen and Andrew ♥

  32. Chad Howard says:

    Chad and Kayla!

  33. Aimee Kincaid says:

    Ellen and John #14

  34. Christine Marsh says:


  35. Allison Pittman Howard says:

    Chad & Kayla

  36. Frances Snyder says:

    Chad & Kayla

  37. diane cruciata says:

    Kristen &Andrew

  38. Lauren Hays says:

    Ellen and John #14

  39. Isabel Trivino says:

    kristen and andrew

  40. Joey Douglas says:

    John & Ellen!

  41. Lisa Davis Leatherwood says:

    Kristen & Andrew

  42. Isabel Trivino says:

    kristen and andre

  43. Nicole Irvine says:

    Leah and Matt!! #15

  44. Lisa Davis Leatherwood says:

    Kristen & Andrew

  45. Byron Manuel Valle says:

    Leah and Matt Image 15

  46. Lysa Leidner-Rancour says:

    #7 Jamie and Josh

  47. Aimee P. Kincaid says:

    Ellen and John #24

  48. Aimee Kincaid says:

    Ellen and John#14

  49. Aimee P. Kincaid says:

    Ellen and John #14

  50. Aimee P. Kincaid says:

    Ellen and John #14

  51. Ellen Powell says:

    Ellen and john

  52. Emilie says:

    Kristen and Andrew

  53. Ana Weiner says:

    Leah and Matt. #15

  54. Aimee P. Kincaid says:

    Ellen and John#14

  55. Jessica Minter says:

    Ellen and John #14

  56. Lisa Davis Leatherwood says:

    Kristen & Andrew

  57. Andrea Breun says:

    #2 gets my vote. 🙂

  58. Martha Bonilla says:

    Andrew and Kristen

  59. Andrea Vurro says:

    Kristen and Andrew

  60. Robert Vurro says:

    Kristen and Andrew

  61. Cecile Ramirez says:

    Kristen and Andrew #2

  62. DiAnna says:

    Ellen & John #14 Love to you both

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