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Orranges in Chicago | Our summer adventure

August 27, 2013


There are people in my life that seem so interwoven into the fabric of who I am that to imagine life without them would be nearly impossible.  They were there during those years when life was at it’s most awkward and difficult.  And although they didn’t make those years any less awkward and difficult, they made you realize that you were never alone.  They are the people who, no matter what decisions you have made, whether good or bad, are there for you when you need them.  I have been much more fortunate than many, as these friends make up much more of the fabric of my life than many people can say.

So our summer trip was a bucket list of mine, travel to my favorite city with my family, take them to see the Cubbies play in the most magical stadium ever, and share this all with two people who welcomed us with open arms.  It is hard for me to pick what my second favorite part of this trip was.  (The first was obviously Wrigley Field.)  Was it the museums, or the architecture, or the food, or watching my son paint a piece that he heralds as the next DaVinci, or my daughter making a dress like she was the next Vera Wang, or maybe it was the feeling of a city that seems to say, “Welcome, come on in and stay a while.”  All of those are lasting memories for sure, but I think my favorite moments might be those evenings in the back yard, spending time with some of my favorite people in the world, just watching the lightning bugs and catching up on all things that are important to us now and reminiscing about the things we thought were so important to us then.

Our summer vacation was filled with harrowing cat rescues, off shore adventures into Lake Michigan, being spit upon by giants, climbing the bean stalks until we were above the clouds, riding in the belly of steel winged birds and having giant feasts in our honor.  Oh yeah and friends, very good friends.  Yup, pretty much the perfect vacation.

Dieter and Susie, thanks for letting this traveling circus into your house and turning it upside down for a few days.  We will remember this one forever.

Here’s to Chicago, my favorite city.





John Hancock buildingNavy Pier

Bella loves having her picture taken, obviously!The Bean

Millennium Park

Garfield Park ConservatoryMaddox designing his masterpiece.Bella & Dieter designing a dressI think Maddox is sick of the camera 🙂Dieter & Susie’s chickens,  the kids were in love with them.Field MuseumLincoln Park Zoo

Goodnight Chicago, until we meet again.

Written by : Orlando wedding photographer

  1. PearTree Preserves says:

    This is awesome – you guys are always welcome back! We had a blast!

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