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Becka Editorial Shoot | Amalie Orrange Photography

January 18, 2013

Sometimes it is good to do things to break the monotony of everyday life, do something you love, to merge your passions.  I have a huge love for fashion photography,  I started photographing models when I was 17 , yes, back in the olden days of film.   I worked with a local modeling agency and loved it.  I got to travel, be around amazing clothes and met some interesting charters to say the least.  I was dying to do a “fashion shoot” and I knew Becka was my girl.  Becka & I worked with about 10 years ago, she was always so sweet, and we bonded because of the Italian no nonsense attitude that we both have . We were cat called by a couple parrots, no really we were,  and attacked by a few thousand gnats but in the end it was a fun time with an old friend, so thank you my dear Becka for being my model! And, a big thank you to Hannah & Andrew from Marigold Scott for the amazing job on hair and makeup!


Bride in field Bride in a field bride in a filed girl picking lemons girl throwing lemons girl throwing lemons bohemian bride bohemian bride bohemian bride bohemian bride girl in a field with a cameraGirl in a field Girl in a field Makeup & Hair: Marigold Scott On Location Hair & Makeup

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