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Leslie contacted me awhile back about photographing her and Kevin’s wedding, she told me about her vision of a picnic style wedding and all of the wonderful details of the day, I was so excited I new that her and Kevin’s wedding was going to be amazing! Leslie and Kevin are from Canada but now living in Washington state, they decided to get 35 of their closes friend and family and take a cruise to Florida and stop in Port Canaveral for the day and get married there , what a great idea. It was a beautiful day, insanely hot , but insanely gorgeous, all of Leslie’s ideas came together so well and it turned out beautifully! I am going to need to do another blog post just to fit in all of the goodness. Enjoy ~ Amalie

Wedding planner: Rachel Horan

Catering: Two Chicks & a pot

 Wedding dress: Galina

bride seeing groom for first lookBride and groomat the alterLeslie wanted something a little different from the traditional sand or candle ceremony to join the families together, she decided to have a lavender ceremony where a member from each family lays lavender around the couple for luck. It was gorgeous!laying lavender at weddingLove this ring plate, such a great detail. ring plateBride and groom kissingRing on a peachbride and groom kissingbride and groom in field bride and groom kissingbride and groomLeslie had all the tables set with burlap and lace tablecloths, fresh friut in the baskets and beautiful personal touches table set up under a treeEach drink was named for a family name, Long island iced tea, Lavigne lemonade and McLean mulberry punch.

 wedding punchwedding punchwedding punchwedding watermelon champagne Bridesmaid with lemonade in mason jarBeautiful and absolutely delicious food catered by Two chicks and a pot
Picnic weddingyou are loved signlove is sweet signwedding birdhouse initials engravedwedding cans of flowerswedding favorswedding chandelierlavender wedding bouquet
cigar boxes weddingbridesmaid with lavenderbridesmaid with lavenderbridesmaid with lavenderThe gorgeous Leslie and her bridesmaids.bridesmaids bohemian lavenderbride with handkerchiefwedding handkerchiefbride and groom under veil bride with cowboy bootsbride with cowboy bootsbride with cowboy bootsbride and groom kissing shoulderbride and groom with tambourine

Wedding signs: Katie Daisy

 Groom suit: Tommy Hilfiger  Groom tie: J-Crew

Groom tie clip: Club Monaco

 Groom shoes: Steve Madden

Groom ring: Jared (Tungsten Carbide)

Bride ring: Howard ( , 4.32ct custom emerald cut diamond eternity ring)

Bride earrings: Nest Pretty Things (

 Bride hair piece: Serenity Crystal (

Bride handkerchief: family item

Bride bracelet: a gift from bride’s uncle, brought back all the way from the UAE when his tour was over

Ring plate: Fleamarket find

 Wooden spoons: Dacia Ray (

Lavender bouquets:Paula’s Garden (

Maid dress Jessica: Donna Morgan ( )

 Maid dress Angela: Jacob


Jeff and I met Jamie and Josh at Hollis Gardens in Lakeland to photograph their engagement. They are such a cute couple and have that  charming southern sweetness about them.  They were set up by mutual friends  at a party and the rest is history. I am so excited to photograph their wedding a Cross Creek Ranch in March. I cannot wait to see all of the amazing details that Jamie pulls together!


XOXO~ Amalie

Engagement Proposal note book This is the book that Josh wrote down what he was going to say when he proposed to Jamie, how sweetLakeland Hollis Gardens engagmentLakeland Hollis Gardens engagmentDeck shoes engagement session Hollis garden LakelandLakeland Hollis Gardens engagmentLakeland Hollis Gardens engagmentLakeland Hollis Gardens engagmentLakeland Hollis Gardens engagmentLove the shot below <3Lakeland Hollis Gardens engagmentJamie and Josh love to play words with friends,  so we had to incude the scabble tilesEngagement ring with scrabble piecesOrlando Wedding Photographer | Orlando Wedding Photography


I used to believe that my parents knew everything.  My father and mother seemed to know how to handle every situation and answer any question that life could bring to them.  Now I think a bit differently.  I know how difficult decisions can be now.  I know that there is no handbook and even as brave and as confident as you may appear to your children, inside you feel scared and unsure.  I have always known that there would come a day when my children started to ask questions that even their parents would have a difficult time explaining.

This moment came on the very first day of our family vacation to New York City, while visiting the memorial for the World Trade Center.  It was rainy, and it seems appropriate that it was, this hallowed ground was not a joyous place and the weather just solidified that feeling, ominous as I have heard it described.  It is hard to know what a six year old boy is feeling sometimes, but the emotion on the face of my son painted a picture that said he was feeling the same thing as me.  He didn’t speak much while we were there, no one did at first.  Then my daughter, my beautiful, sensitive, loving daughter started asking questions.  At that point I knew that she would get to some questions that I would have to let her figure out on her own.  Her parent, her hero, her all knowing idol would not have the answers to the feelings and the sadness and the hope that she was looking for.  That time came, a private time, shared with one special family that was isolated from the rest of the world grieving as best we knew how for the strangers we had never met, and never would.

All alone, surrounded by hundreds of people, yet standing with only ourselves.  My daughter, at the end of her questions, at the end of her paying respect looked up crying gave me a hug and said, “Daddy can we leave now?”  We did, and the rest of our vacation was filled with fun and laughter and other special moments that families share while on their summer vacations.  But that moment, the one that we shared remembering, that will never, ever leave my heart for as long as I live.  Thank you Amalie for capturing your feelings in these photographs, and thank you for letting me capture these feelings with my words.

World trade center tower

World trade center memorialWorld trade center memorialWorld trade center memorialWorld Trade Center MemorialWorld Trade Center MemorialWorld Trade Center MemorialWorld Trade Center MemorialWorld Trade Center MemorialWorld Trade Center MemorialWorld Trade Center Memorial

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