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Something new for 30 days

Something new for 30 days | A challenge of newnessthirty day something new challenge

I wanted to challenge myself to try something new every day for thirty days and it has been awesome so far! I did this because I turned 40 this year and I am such a routined person when it comes to day to day life. I decided this is the year to have small changes make a big difference, this is MY year!

 A few people have asked if I have a plan every day for trying something new… the answer is a big fat NO, I like the spontaneity of finding something new to do as the day unfolds. My day to day life is pretty planned out with the kiddies and work so changing it up and not having a “set” plan is the excitement of this challenge. Journal it and share your list of “news”.  You just may inspire yourself  and your friends. Post on your Facebook, Instagram or heck even blog about it. Hashtag it #30daysofnew so we can all follow along and share our journeys together.

Below I listed my first 7 days and what I did and then some inspiration for you to try something new.

Cheers to 7 more days of newness!!


Monday-tried a hip hop dance class..verdict-won’t be doing it again but got a ton of laughs out of it.
Tuesday-Sunrise yoga…verdict, loved it but was sooooo early.
Wednesday-Meet a stranger and find something in common with them. I met a man named Basil, he is 72 and works a Toyota dealership in Lake Mary. I found that what we have in common is he and his family are from Jamaica, just like mine, he was actually born and raised in the same town! Verdict….AMAZING, love meeting new people and always interested to hear where they came from and how they got to where they are.
Thursday– Try a new drink. Hey now don’t get excited, it was not an adult beverage, it was a new tea. Golden monkey mixed with Raspberry Balsamico from Teavana and it was yummy! In fact I bought some to brew at home.
Friday-Try Kumbucha verdict… awful, tastes like rotten vinegar. Blahhhh
Saturday-Drove a new way home from my office… Nothing big but I found some great new places to shoot, WIN🎉
Sunday– Wear heels, OK so I know ladies do this all day every day but, I live my life and flats and flip-flops so this was a big deal especially trying to traipse through the mall and I heels LOL. Verdict…I will stick to flats and force myself into a heel once a month cause dang it made my legs look good. 🙂

And some inspiration for your next 30 days…..

Watch this….

Go to bed earlier than normal and wake up earlier than normal.

Sleep in a different room in your house.

Try a new recipe

Spend 20 minutes watching Funny or Die videos or read the funny text mistakes…those make me laugh out loud!

Refrain from alcohol for 30 days in a row!

Learn how to draw a human face

Watch a documentary.

 Read a book summary each day.

Study a topic you’d like to master each day.

Walk/Drive/Run a new route to work/school each day

Media-fast for the day  (NO tv, Facebook, Instagram etc.)

Pick one bad habit you already have and ditch it for 30 days

Inspire yourself

Take a cold shower

Make a list of goals for the month/year 5 years etc.

Don’t complain for an entire day

Meditate  ( I love Insight Timer, it is a free app with over 1200 guided meditations)

Practice (at least) one completely selfless act each day

Talk to someone while waiting in line and ask what they do.

Offer to help someone else.

Carpool to work

Do something you enjoy alone.

Make sure everyone you love knows it

Get prints made of your digital images

Run through a sprinkler

Say “Yes” to everything for one full day

At a restaurant, let the waiter pick your entire meal

Write a blog.

Get a box, fill it up with clutter, and donate it.

Make your bed.

Try a new return in the next town over.

Throw a brunch party.

Ladies only weekend, get your girlfriends together and go do something fun!

Climb a tree.

Do cartwheels in the park (I did this while we were in Charleston this summer… I don’t remember the last time I did one, I must have been 12!)

Walk along the beach after sunset.

Try painting or watercolor.

Go for a picnic alone.

Learn a new word and use it that day.

Learn a magic trick.

Teach something new to my kids.

Check out a new app… I found Star chart you can hold your phone up to the sky and it will show you the different stars, planets and constellations

Watch a TED talk.

Take a nap.

Learn to make and eat a vegetarian or vegan meal. (Pinterest y’all, give it a go. Here are some of my favorite vegan meals)

Take a class about acting.

Take a walk around your neighborhood.

 Try a new exercise like yoga.

 Say “Hi” to complete strangers.

 Read a good book before going to bed.

 Take a hot bath.

Put money in parking meters that are about to expire.

 Get a massage.

 Make a sugar-free dessert.

Tell a police officer, fireman, teacher, nurse and military person that you totally appreciate what  they do every day.

 Go out with your camera and take amazing photographs.

 Sit still, ignore the chatter of the mind, and listen to your soul speak.

 Forgive someone.

 Sketch your dream home or vacation home.

 Have a conversation with someone you know and make it all about them.

 Pay the toll for the car behind you.

  Look for food drives and drop off some non-perishable food items.

  Do something kind for yourself.

Help someone who needs it.

 Give yourself an hour a day of “you time.”

 Go for a family drive in the country and enjoy the scenery.

Repair or replace something you own.

Remind someone of how awesome they are.

Give $50 to a complete stranger and tell them to go enjoy a day of new things on you.

 Do something kind for your neighbor.

Go for a bike ride.

 Go an entire day without spending any money.

 Be a mentor.

 Support a cause.

 Make a fool of yourself in public.

 Research your genealogy.

 Camp out in the backyard.

Set up a bird feeder outside your window.

Have a yard sale.

Visit a suburb in your city that you’ve never been to before, or somewhere you haven’t explored much.

 Learn two phrases in a new language–what about Japanese, Italian or Portuguese?

 Listen to a genre of music you haven’t tried before–perhaps Jazz, Punk or Blues?

 Have a picnic in your local park complete with a packed lunch and your animal friends.

 Start a daily journal to write your thoughts in.

 Try a new cuisine–what about French, Lebanese or Korean?

 Visit your local library and borrow some books for the weekend.

 Plant some flowers in your garden. If you don’t have one, try an indoor potted plant.

Visit a local museum or art gallery and view their latest exhibition.

Learn a new skill–what about sewing, gardening or cooking? You’ll be surprised what you can learn in an afternoon.

Say hello to a neighbor you don’t usually talk to.

Make a card for a friend and send it to them with a handwritten note.

Learn how to cook a new dish for dinner. We all get tired of eating the same thing, why not try making something new?

Watch a classic film like Casablanca, The Godfather or The Wizard of Oz.

Make a photo album of a recent holiday you took. Don’t let your memories get lost on your computer hard drive; make a special keepsake album of your trip.

Visit your local farmers markets and pick out some fresh produce.

Plan a day trip to somewhere outside your city– Hello St. Augustine!!

Check out what community events are running in your area and attend one.

Make a birthday present for a friend. Handmade gifts are personal and much more special than anything you could buy from a store.

Attend a play at your local theater.

Be a tourist in your own city. Google ” must do’s” and do them.  Visit all the popular tourist sites you’ve likely never been to (don’t forget your camera!)

Call a friend you haven’t spoken to recently and have a good long chat.

Put on your favorite song and dance your heart out. You might be surprised at how much fun you have!

Invite some friends over for a BBQ. There’s nothing better than an afternoon spent with good friends and good food.

Try out a new form of exercise like Pilates, tennis or swimming.

Organize a clothing swap with your friends.

Write a I-Like-This-About-You note/text/email each day for someone

Talk to one stranger each day

Take a moment each day to practice self compassion and self-love, maybe an affirmation to start your day. (There are also some great affirmations on the Insight Timer app)

Take a bike ride through the city at night.

Write and send a hand-written letter.

Tip BIG at a restaurant.

Shoot a roll of 35mm film.

Do a “No Spend” weekend.

Buy bright red lipstick and wear it!

Throughout the day, keep a list of things you are grateful for. (Being able to walk, being awesome at your special skill or talent, a great relationship with your husband or wife)